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In 1850, when California enrolled as our thirty first state, there were 92,600 Californians. In 1950, our state’s population was 10,600,000.  In 2018 our state’s population is now over 39 million.  And yet, in all that time, the annual rainfall never increased. It should not be a surprise, then,  that we now have an ongoing water crisis.

A lingering aspect of the protracted California drought is the effect of low streamflow and higher water temperatures on our rapidly declining fish population. Low water levels imperil fish health as does higher water temperature. Accordingly, the state is setting guidelines for water permit holders that prohibit diversions unless the streamflow is at a certain minimum level.In January 2016, the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) issued Emergency Regulations for Measuring and Reporting Water Diversions. SWRCB estimates that there are 12,000 diverters who meet or exceed the minimum amount of water diversion requiring reporting.

We can’t help solve the water crisis but we sure can help with the measuring of the water being used.

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