Live Demo

Welcome to the PWA Mark 1 Telemeter live demonstration.

The unit is set above the water. This is a maintenance advantage and savings as, for the basic unit, there is no submersible sensors to be fouled. Measurements can be taken on a scheduled or on-demand basis. Currently we are taking measurements once an hour. After taking the measurement the Mark 1 transmits the data via an internal cellular modem to a secure cloud server. The cloud server graphs the information and downloads both the graphs and the data to our demonstration web page. Let’s take a look at the downloaded information.

What you are now looking at is a water measuring and reporting station in the San Joaquin Delta. This station, ORM, is operated and maintained by the Department of Water Resources. In this pilot installation for the Delta Watermaster and DWR the Mark 1 is set above the tidal flow. The unit can be placed up to 33 feet above the water and still provide a measuring accuracy of 1 millimeter.






What you are now viewing is a small, rugged plastic case housing an advanced printed circuit board that controls the timing, measuring and reporting of various water constituents. The live demonstration shows ultrasonic, sonar measuring of stream stage, or water level, from the test station. The polycarbonate case that you are looking at is waterproof and corrosion resistant. Polycarbonate is an unusually tough plastic material used in bulletproof glass. The Mark 1, is a new, modern way to meet state requirements. The Mark 1 measures then reports and records via an internal cell phone modem. The data and graphs are then downloaded to a PC, laptop, tablet, cell phone or independent database.

Following this winter’s flood conditions in the Delta, we moved our online, real time data  collection and transmission to the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge.  The  HBNWR  has a similar tidal flow to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.  The blue graph displays surface water height, the red graph the temperature.

Chart of Temperature and Water Level at HBNWR Salmon Creek

Chart of Conductivity at HBNWR Salmon Creek