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Chart of Water Level at HBNWR Long Pond

The Mark 1 is a new digital, ultrasonic water level measuring device, a vital part of an advance warning flood control system.  The Mark 1 is set above, not in, the water, minimizing maintenance.  Cellular technology transmits the water level measurements to a flood control center.  Automated alerts, via a text message, notify the control center of a threatening water level.  A sample text is below the graph

The graph below is a live chart showing water levels at the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Arcata, California.  This location was chosen as it shows changes in water levels due to tidal influence. Each day the earliest measuring is dropped and new information is added.  Measurements are taken hourly.  Graphing is done by our secure, Internet based web server. Measurements can be embedded or downloaded into PC’s, laptops and smart phones.

Time measurement by UTC.

The Mark 1 can be used to meet the measurement requirements for water diversions, as required by the state of California, for agricultural, ranch, vineyard, and cannabis growers.

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