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Chart of Water Level at HBNWR Long Pond

Chart of Conductivity at HBNWR Long Pond

Time measurement by UTC.

The graphs above are two real-time, live charts.  Due to our web pages space limitations we are showing only two days of measurements.  Each day the earliest readings are dropped as new measurements are added.  The charts, though, can be expanded to fill any number of days that will fit on your digital device.  Measurements are taken every hour, or when scheduled.   Graphing is done by our secure cloud server.  The graphed measurements can be downloaded and embedded in your PC, laptop or smart phoneThe Mark 1, pictured below, is an out-of-the-water ultrasonic sonar water level (stage) measuring device.  Up to six probes can be attached for measuring other water quality components such as conductivity or pH.  The case is a small, rugged waterproof polycarbonate case that houses the digital processing and cellular modem that transmits the measured data.

The measurements above are taken from our unit in the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Arcata, California.  We selected this location to show on the web as it easily demonstrates the changes in stage as a result of tidal flow.

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