Mark 1

PWA Mark 1 Telemeter

PWA, with modern telemetry, advances the gauging, data capture and electronic transmitting of water quantity and water quality information for both surface and groundwater sources. This is the real time measuring, graphing, instant recording and reporting of water quantity and water quality constituents. .

Electronics are housed in a corrosion resistant, waterproof, small, polycarbonate case (4.5 x 4.5 x 2.4 inches). The unit is set above the water, measuring stream stage with ultrasonic sonar and surface water temperature with an infrared sensor. Immersion probes can be added for monitoring other water quality parameters. The Mark 1 is powered by a small solar panel or an external wired 5 volt power supply.

Measurement data, taken on a scheduled basis or on-demand, is transmitted to a secure cloud server via an internal cell phone modem. Data is tabulated and graphed for ease of presentation. Data and graphs can be downloaded to PC’s, laptops, tablets, cell phones or to independent database servers. In rapidly fluctuating water surface conditions multiple sonar readings can be set within very short time frames. The Mark 1 can compute the mode or mean of the readings before processing to the cloud server for graphing.

Mark 1 features:

· Small, waterproof polycarbonate case 4.5 x 4.5 x 2.4 inches.

· Internal temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the Mark 1 electronic performance.

· Battery level sensor to warn of low or insufficient battery power.

· Tilt sensor for an out-of-alignment alert.

· GPS location is activated if the Mark 1 is moved from its installed position.

· Ultrasonic sonar for measuring stage

· Infrared temperature monitoring of water surface temperature.

· Accommodates up to 6 additional digital or analog probes.

· Measurements taken on a scheduled or on-demand basis.

· Multiple measurements can be taken within very short time frames.

· Mean or mode of multiple measurements are computed before transmission to the cloud server.

· The cloud server graphs the readings and transmits data to a PC, laptop, tablet, cell phone or independent database server.

Mark 1 Operation

· A recording schedule for the Mark 1 is established (e.g. once an hour, once a day, once a week or on-demand).

· Water surface elevation measurements are taken as scheduled.

· The data is transmitted, via cellular modem, to a secure cloud server.

· The data, graphed and web accessible, can be downloaded to a PC, laptop, tablet, cell phone or database server of choice.

Features include: Ultrasonic sonar, Infrared temperature, Cellular modem, Battery back up, Tilt sensor, Shipping included (US Only), GPS locator, One year warranty, One year hardware and software upgrades.

Upgraded: Optional 5 volt power supply

Installation and Certification for Diversions subject to SB 88.

In general, we recommend a professional installation when data is required for regulatory reporting. If you are diverting over 100 acre feet per year SWRCB mandates that the installation is to be by a licensed professional who can provide an accuracy certification that the device has been correctly installed and certified. If you send us a completed diversion profile, we can provide a cost estimate for installation by PWA.
If the diversion use is over 10 acre feet but less than 100 acre feet per year the diverter can install and certify the device using the basic instructions that come with the unit. However, the Mark 1 needs certain digital settings, for example, the height set above the water, GPS coordinates, the measuring schedule and the device identifiers. Although we can set these in the Mark 1 prior to shipment there is limited latitude for error. We suggest that our installer be present at the installation to see that the unit when set in place works correctly. If our engineer attends the installation we will also provide the required SWRCB certification.